Reviewed Jul. 12, 2021

Good campground

Nice, quiet little campground right after the entrance to the national park. We originally planned for dispersed camping closer to the Tetons but when we couldn’t find anything a ranger told us about this site. There are a handful of dispersed sites on the way back, but the actually campground is at the end of a road. There are 8 sites in what looks like to be the whole campground, but we ran into the hosts as we drove in and they let us know about their 3 “new” spots off the overflow parking by the host site. We were lucky and only had people next to us for 1 night out of 4 so it felt like we were alone still. We came during a fire ban but since they had the established metal rings we were able to have fires, which was a game changer because of the mosquitos. After talking to some folks in Moose it sounds like mosquitos are terrible all around so it’s not specific to this campground. The camp hosts were also great and the woman (Marsha) gave us tons of suggestions on different things to do during the days. Overall, I’d say we’d be back if we came during a fire ban again or if we couldn’t find another dispersed spot, Not bad at all!


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