Reviewed Aug. 19, 2021

Avoid if you can

This place is ok for a night or 2 but not long term. Things were great till our 3rd week there then the owner decided she was going to freak out on us over a water hose. She accused us of lying and taking advantage of them. When she drinks she is great with everything but then all of a sudden nothing is good and she won’t remember even though her husband will tell you the same things sober you’re a liar. This isn’t full hook ups, it’s water and grey you have to wait for them to dump your black which is once a week and you never know the day. Do not dump your grey like they tell you to if you’re dry camping and don’t get water from them. She will accuse you of polluting her land and destroying her hose. Yes we replaced it even though it wasn’t our fault. When it rains you’re in a muddy disaster so don’t let them park you in a flood zone like they did us. They claim to be dog friendly but we got accused of lying about our pit when we never did we simply weren’t asked his breed and even after she saw him she talked about how much she loved pits and husky’s. She was even at our camper loving on both multiple times, but the day she kicked us out after cussing at me she definitely made it seem like pits weren’t welcome. You have to ask permission to walk your dogs along the bank because they have a dog that appears to hate other dogs and will attack if not tied up. I got chewed for not telling her before I walked my dogs because her dog was loose and I didn’t know so she had to restrain him and it hurt her back. Don’t ask for a tube unless you want to be told how you’re inconveniencing her even if you do all the work and return the tube better than you got it. Absolutely don’t go to a BBQ they invite you to and not bring anything especially after you’re told 3 times not to bring anything. Yeah that got thrown in our face the last day as well. Make sure you keep your doors and windows closed or you’ll have flies, mosquitoes and black nat looking bugs all in your camper trying to go up your nose and ears all night. That was very annoying. If you stay here make sure you ask her everything and not her husband because she will tell you how it’s her property and he doesn’t know anything. These people were nice but I guess very fake when it came down to it. She not only scared me when she went off, but belittled me to the point I was shaking and crying. We were out $60 staying here when all said and done.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay for a night or 2 that’s pretty and peaceful South Recreation Complex is free and great. It has a park, river and wildlife plus is maintained nicely. The lady that does maintenance is the nicest woman make sure you say hi. Our favorite spot is all the way in the back next to the crossing there’s even a water hook up 20ft away and hat six is 15 minutes away to dump your black if needed. We have a portable tank so I dump black when I go shopping. Max of 5 days here but they don’t care if you’re longer just take care of your space. Plus there are horses to feed they’ll come right up to your truck. In the morning about 50 turkeys including babies will walk right across in front of your door. There’s other RV parks in Glenrock you’d be better off at.

Sitedry camp on the river in a flood zone

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