Medicine Bow National Forest Campground
Derek S.
Reviewed Jun. 22, 2019

No trespassing

Updated. There’s camping east of medicine bow in the areas outside the park around some of the reservoir - lakes. The campgrounds are mostly on rd 130 past centennial and more on the western side of Medicine bow. I probably would have found them had I continued on to centennial where the park starts. But per the campgrounds outside of the near the eastern park boundary... these  are exposed areas without any trees alongside or near the lakes. Vault toilets make them easy to spot and are the only accommodation except a picnic table and charcoal grill at Hatte reservoir. Google gps will try and take you past the turnoff on HWY 130 onto private land that’s posted no trespassing. I backtracked to Big Hollow Rd but eventually I gave up trying to find this campground after coming to a hunter access parking lot/dead end. I checked later and there’s no satellite view of a campground at the GPS location. Lesson learned: Always google satellite the campground and or check the website before heading out. Beautiful area. Lakes, pronghorn and cattle. I’ll be back to map it out.