Glendo State Park
Harper B.
Reviewed Jun. 7, 2022

Workers out of control

Last year, this place was a mess compared to usual. They finally cleaned it up. We just went for our first trip this year. The reason I give it only 2 stars is we got a citation for $150 from park ranger K. Pauling for not having stickers on our boats or having boat inspection. We were unaware that we had to do these things for regular kayaks. We asked if it was to check the safety of the boats and her response was“oh no that’s on you guys.” So when asked why, we were told it was to prevent“aquatic invasive species”(AIS) such as zebra clams from clogging up the damn and it would cost millions to fix it. Digging a little deeper I found that some of these clams can actually benefit the water by increasing water clarity, allowing more sunlight to penetrate the water. This allows for the growth of aquatic plants which provide oxygen and food for the fish and wildlife. I believe having some of amount of these clams may actually benefit the water. Yes it will cost some money, but do these people care more about keeping the money for their own purposes than to help the people and the environment? I doubt the government is lacking on funds considering we seem to be paying a lot more for these trips now than from a couple years ago. And what are they doing with the extra money? Not cleaning this park as it was a mess last year. It seems to me they just want money for their tickets and don’t care about the safety of the people or these aquatic animals and plants. Not to mention, it is not lawful to charge people for something they were unaware of. She could have let us off with a warning. We even offered to have her follow us while we go get the stickers right away and she made up excuses as to why she couldn’t. Her response also was“you’re not changing my mind, I’m going to give you the citation.” These government people are abusing their power. And if AIS is such a problem, where are the educational programs for this? Why is this a topic that is not frequently discussed? Perhaps instead of charging people for money we should be working together to come up with better solutions, educate people more on it and be willing to spend the money to help the environment and the people, rather than keeping it for yourselves as you do nothing to help these parks or the people.

SiteSandy Beach
Month of VisitJuly