Reviewed Aug. 7, 2018

Party campground great for groups of friends

Wolf River Trips and Campgrounds is definitely a place to experience at least once during peak season. It is a well kept campground that has a lot to offer despite it’s main feature being the tubing trips down the river. Although the campground is kid friendly, I would suggest leaving the kids at home if you want the full experience without worrying about what the kids might see or hear from the groups there to strictly party. The tubing trips offer a shuttle bus to the launch sites and they come in nicely timed increments. You strap yourself together with your group and enjoy a relaxing but fun trip down the river towards the campground with optional stops along the way at “party island” where people stop in a shallow section of the river to party and let loose on the river. Back on shore there is a bar restaurant, a mini arcade game room, decently upkept nonflush bathrooms, quarter operated showers, and pretty good sized camp sites. If I could change one thing about the campground it would be the lack of privacy on the sites due to little to no tree cover, but for what the campground is, more of a party destination, it works perfect when you book several sites in a row with friends and family and you can all hangout together. It’s defintiely a place I recommend, and we already booked our sites again for next year!

  • Part of our group on the first run of the day bright and early at 9:30 am
  • Strung together having a blast
  • It doesn’t get much better than this