Muskego Park
Reviewed Jun. 23, 2019

Nice family friendly swimming hole.

Small campgrounds in a small country park. There are a few camp sites most of which are very open and very little seclusion. A few nice shorter hiking loops that I believe can be used as horse trails as well. The trails are wood chipped covered and very easy. A few little ponds and a nice little surprise of old abandoned farm equipment. The best thing is probably the small man made pond. I believe it’s stocked with fish and offers a very family friendly swimming area. There’s a nice little concessions stand, a little sand area, and a small pier to jump off of. Also there are showers and toilets in the same building as the concessions stand. In short I wouldn’t go out of my way to come here, but if you were just looking to get away last minute or traveling through and need a place to stay it would definitely be an option. Especially if you had small children who could use a day swimming.

  • Turtles, a show off, and a little view of the swimming hole. Think you can make out the pier I mentioned on the other side of the water.