Reviewed Jun. 15, 2020

Many hidden treaures/ Horrible Camping Place

Decided to go camping with my friends for the weekend to catch up. The beauty/nature of the park is breathtaking. The camping experience was fun, except for the warden at the park. The wardens there are very rude and demeaning. The warden came to our territory around 11pm demanding us to quiet down when we weren’t even load. We started whispering, the warden came again to tell us that he will throw us out if we don’t quit down. He said,“he was standing by our territory for 15min.” There were other people talking and playing games, but he did not say anything. It felt like we were discriminated against because we spoke foreign language. I have stayed at many different state parks and have never had a problem. Will NOT recommend this camping site if you are someone who stays late by the fire to enjoy time with your friends& family. Very rude and slightly aggressive staff. Sad to see such a beautiful area poorly managed. Also, there is a change for each vehicle entering the park$38 and ONLY 2 vehicle on one territory.

SiteHORRIBLE place for camping

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