Reviewed Jul. 20, 2021

Hiker/Biker sites are very compact and close together

There are 3 hiker/biker sites at Manchester, but it's better to think of it as one merged, very forested site with three tables and tent areas. Zero privacy between the sites. Site HB1 has the largest open area for tents and socializing, while HB3 has the smallest area, for just a single tent and maybe two chairs. The sites have little mini campfire grills on the ground. You could cook a small meal easily or boil water. Recommend bringing a campstove, as there was a burn ban July 2021.

The sites sit in a low ravine, down a steel hill. Be ready to jump off your cargo bike and walk it down the gravel road. 

The coin-op hot showers are great. 6 minutes for one dollar. Overall, a decent spot for an overnight while bikepacking. Upgrade to a larger site if you will have more than one tent or want a full firepit.


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