Margaret S.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 9, 2021

Beautiful in late spring

My daughter and I camped at Fort Ebey during Spring Break and it was a lovely time with many Scotch Broom and other seaside flowers were in bloom. We didn't have a view where we were but I loved the wooded area and it was just a short walk to the bluff overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca. There are old (but well maintained) battery and concrete gun emplacements from WW2 when the Fort was used to defend the West coast. There are so many fun walking paths around the bluffs as well as a beautiful hike around Lake Pondilla with interpretive signage naming the native moss and lichen. There are also several mountain biking trails around the park and lots to do and see at the beach!

  • Scotch Broom blooming in April at Fort Ebey
  • Fort Ebey bluff
  • Beach at Fort Ebey
  • Bluff at Fort Ebey
  • Beach at Fort Ebey
  • Campsite at Fort Ebey
  • Fort Ebey old parade grounds

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