Mark M.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Aug. 23, 2021


Camped here for 3 nights - it's not a bad campground, but it's just average. Also kind of depends on who's camping around you.

There's a bunch of sites and they're decently spaced out. Privacy is alright, if you can tuck your tent back then you can probably stay out of sight of other groups.

Bathrooms looked new and were actual bathrooms, but got dirty pretty quickly. The showers aren't in the main tent loop which is annoying and there was only one shower that I saw? You also had to pay for it too, using tokens from the entrance booth. Kind of a weird set up, but the shower was clean. Only one place to get water that I saw, which was at the entrance.

There are a few trails in the loop, I did one and it was short but alright. Not bad but not impressive.

You'll probably hear planes pass over but honestly it wasn't a huge annoyance for me. What was worse was the group across from me made noise every night until 10/11pm which kind of sucked, but obviously that's always a gamble when at a big campground.

The cell service was pretty spotty too (i know, you're camping, but just feels like it should be better at a state park)

Just felt like for a paid site it could be a lil better, but it's not a bad campground.


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