TThe Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 30, 2021

Beautiful granite bed river

I don't know why this is named as a "creek" when it is a full on river.  At any rate, the granite lined riverbed is truly spectacular!  The campground itself is nice, but the spots right on the river were really close in.  Being retired, we have the luxury of staying mid-week.  We were fortunate enough the the spots on either side of us were not occupied which gave us a little bit of privacy.  The sites in the rest of the campground that were further away from the river were much more isolated.  I would really hate to be there on the weekend.  Everything in this area is fully booked weekends thanks to all the covid campers.  Not knocking them, but it is a fact that everyone is flocking to the beautiful outdoors right now.  I just hope they leave it intact.  That being said, the campground was blissfully quiet for us.  I am sure the roaring river masked sounds.  There is nothing like that sound to put my insomniac brain out like a light a night!

Unfortunately there is no water right now for some unknown reason.  Signage at the water spigot directed campers to a campground down the road.  There is also a road closed, which creates a detour to get to our campground, which added an extra 1/2 hour to our journey.  The campground with the water is just before the detour which means that it will take you an hour to get your water if you didn't bring a water source with you.  

If there were available water and if the river camp sites were further apart, I would rate this a 5-star place.  But I am docking a star for each con.

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