Carson B.
Reviewed Aug. 9, 2021

RV Resort? More Like Last Resort

We are TT members and this is by far the worst park we’ve stayed in and we don’t require much… We tried desperately to find another location to move but everything was booked and we were stuck.

RANGER DAVID IS A PEEPING TOM. I CAUGHT HIM LOOKING AT ME THROUGH THE WOMENS BATHROOM WINDOW AFTER I TOLD HIM SOMEONE WAS IN THERE WHEN HE KNOCKED THR FIRST TIME. When I confronted him he began to yell at me telling me I was crazy and that it is his responsibility to check the bathrooms and I said but you don’t ever look in the women’s bathroom window, you knock. I asked to speak to the manager, he said he would be back tomorrow and slammed the ranger door in my face. So I called 911, so of course he had to call the manager then. Management did nothing. Everyone staying there complained about how rude David was to staff too.

Sites are very tight. If it rains everything turns into a big puddle. The whole place is falling apart. The “laundry room” is a junk pile of rubble on the ground and has been “condemned”. The wooden walkways around are all rotting and falling apart, very big safety hazard. The weekends are full of local tent campers and they are all out of control, noisy, don’t pick up after their dogs, no boundaries. The only nice thing is they have beach access.

You have been warned!


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