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Humes Ranch is located in Olympic National Park in Washington
47.9486 N
-123.5463 W
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3 Reviews of Humes Ranch
Great backcountry spot, long hike in.

This would be a five star review if it wasn't for the fact that Humes Ranch is now about a 9 mile hike from the Madison Falls trailhead, taking much longer to reach than it used to before the floods washed out the road into the Elwha. With that being said the lack of access has mean't wildlife and solitude are much easier to come by in the area. I stayed out at Humes for 3 days and was able to bike all the way to the Whiskey Bend trailhead (although its mostly uphill). Hiking in the 2.3 miles from the trailhead is fairly flat and can be done in less than an hour.

As far as camping goes you have 3-4 spots in an open meadow below the Humes Ranch cabin as well as spots out on the gravel bars past the bear wires and some hidden back in the forest south of the meadow. Bear wires are in good shape, no pit toilet on site so bring a trowel and some TP and although fires are allowed check for fire bans because it was dry when I was there.

Around Humes Ranch are the historic Gold Rush era cabins of Humes and Michael's Cabins, also upriver in the Grand Canyon of the Elwha and downriver is the cool natural whirlpools at Goblins Gate. Wildlife are more present here than before so keep an eye out for Roosevelt Elk as well as Black Bear (hang your food up)

Beautiful Rainforest Campground adjacent to the Elwha River

The Dams on the Elwha River (Elwha in 2011 & Glines in 2014) were both removed in what currently stands as the largest river restoration project in the US (the Klamath is soon to follow). Epic hikes to waterfalls, the river, & hot springs are within a short distance from this campground.

Humes Cabin, adjacent to the campground, stands as an inukshuk to those seeking adventure, he lived here in between his journey to the Klondike.

In the early 1940s, Herb Cristler settled into the cabin at Humes Ranch with his bride, Lois, while they filmed wildlife for what became Disney’s "Olympic Elk" film. Since acquiring the property from Peninsula Plywood, the NPS has restored the cabin, conforming to its original appearance and with much of the original materials. Wood deterioration, however, is occurring, as a result of the moist Olympic Peninsula.

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Clean, spacious campground for a group

Big, spacious area perfect for setting up tents! Sheltered under trees, Humes Ranch has the perfect amount of shade vs sun. A bear wire is set up for you to hang your food, and a stream nearby is perfect for filtering. Listen to the Elwha as you fall asleep.