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Reviewed Jul. 7, 2021

Lake Sherando is a great place to set up camp!

We've been traveling around to different campsites since I was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer and reviewing them for you all to enjoy. 

This is another great campsite that we've had the pleasure of staying at. This one was closer to us than our last one was. Had we known this one was so close we would have camped here before now. 

One thing I didn't get a chance to talk about was the two lakes that are considered the Upper and Lower Lake Sherando. You can see deer roaming around the Upper Lake. I was able to do some fishing at the Upper Lake and did catch a small mouth bass which was fun. Not sure how deep the lakes are but you can definitely see the bottoms in some places. Hopefully we'll just get more rain. 

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Thanks in advance!! 

Scott E. Fowler

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