Sids Mountain Wilderness - The Wedge
Keith L.
Reviewed May. 31, 2019

Simply amazing!

I was worried about the roads out to the wedge, but the were great. I was driving a non all wheel drive but suv vehicle and it did great. Tip: it’s worse the slower you go. Once to the wedge I found a campsite during the Memorial Day weekend. The second day I packed up my campsite and returned about 8 hours later to return to the same campsite. So availability was great. The wedge itself was great and the views were spectacular in late May. (During Memorial Day). I camped alone. Many people were 4wheeling, dirt biking, atving and mountain biking, as well as hiking around the campsite but not enough to be intrusive. Next time I camp there I will be bringing a mountain bike. The terrain is perfect for it. Most of the noise quieted down around 8. And I was able to find some rest. The second day I did a lot more exploring and traveled a ways down into the wedge. And the surrounding area. The second night I was able to find my same campsite from the night before and slept comfortably. The third day I packed up my camp and headed out to check out Buckhorn Wash. it’s a pictograph wall art monument type location with 2,000 year old wall paintings. It was pretty incredible. After that I headed back to SLC. The experience as a whole was great and it did rain and it was enough to make you worry, but not enough to make it bad, granted this was late May between the 24-27. Highly recommended. Only request is that you clean up after yourself. This is our planet. And it is all of our responsibility to take care of the last few wilderness areas we have.