Russell The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 22, 2021

Great Campground

Segiun ( the Dog) and I were up there June 28, all by was AWESOME. We drove in from the South what a beautiful drive. There are a lot of camp sites before you get to the real campsites and you do need a high clearance vehicle to get the last little bit. Yes it rained and hailed while we set up camp...but who cares.The views are spectacular the rain with the sunset you could ask for better. I was a bit nervous about he cliff and the dog, I had this image of him chasing a chipmunk or squirrel and going over the's one heck of a cliff! The morning light on Monument Valley is something to be experienced. Seriously great place. The toilet is a short walk and clean. We drove down into Moab and wished I was back up there the entire time, the amount of people was mind boggling. OH I forgot the stars...make sure you do a little star gazing.

  • Sunset
  • This is the cliff at the campsites
SiteAll of them

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