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Lone Rock Beach Primitive Camping Area is located in Utah
37.0166 N
-111.5458 W
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43 Reviews of Lone Rock Beach Primitive Camping Area
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We arrived to the beach after dark in our campervan in March. There was no tenant to collect payment, but rather a payment box which we used. The beach itself was empty and but three RV's parked back on land. The location of where to park for the night was difficult to figure out as there are minimal signs, poor night lighting, and no one to ask. If it were busier I'm sure we would've been able to figure it out a bit easier. We finally decided to park near the RV's as I didn't want to get stuck on the beach in the van. I woke up the next morning before dawn and the sunrise over Lake Powell was beautiful. There were no cars on the beach, nothing to distract from my desolation. The only draw back were the bathrooms. At that time of year there are about 10 or so non-flush toilets along the beach, but the majority were locked, so I had to walk the length of the beach to locate one that was open. It was fine, for a toilet. I've heard it's super crowded in the warmer months, but I'd highly recommend going here for an early spring night to bask in the quiet. And for 10$, what a steal.

Beautiful and fun place to spend a day or two!

We camped on the beach here for cheap. There are flush toilets every so many feet high up on the beach which is nice. I would bring plenty of water - I can't remember if the water from the sinks was potable. There was a nice guy helping to dig people's cars out of the sand - be careful where you drive, and whatever you do, if you get stuck do not drive SLOW afterward! Drive fast until you are on more solid ground. We saw one guy get stuck over and over and over again because he kept letting his car slow and lose momentum. We got stuck once ourselves. The great thing is that you are very visible and there were a few people willing to help us. What we ended up doing was parking far from the beach and just carrying our camp gear closer to the shore.

Lake Powell is AWESOME. The water is the perfect temperature, the sand is wonderful and not gravelly. This is a perfect place to just swim and float all day long, maybe with a couple beers and definitely LOTS of sunscreen.

This may have been a fluke or rare thing, but the wind was high the day we were here. Our tent quickly blew up from the ground and onto another family's tent! We re-staked it and weighed it down with our gear and that worked. It did storm on us overnight. Our tent was filled with sand the next morning and we were soaked and had to hold our tent up because of the wind and rain. However, it was still one of my favorite camping experiences of our two-week, 7 national parks trip!

Oh what a beautiful sunrise

very clean, quiet, plentiful facilities, good view of night sky, easy to find and get to

Beach chillin'

We had a very short yet eccentric visit. We enjoyed the view and nighttime twilight. We highly recommend this place as a fun cheap getaway. 5 stars.

Beautiful but packed

Arrived late on Sunday night of a holiday weekend - we were able to find a spot right on the shore. The beach was packed but no one minded us squeezing into a spot. Be prepared for it to be loud, bring your own toilet paper, and don't push it if you don't have a AWD car. Very very beautiful worth the noise. $14

Great offroad beach swim park

A great place to have a combination of playground fun. Offroad trails, beach, good hot weather for swimming, jet ski's and boating if you got em. Get a tan, and go explore, so many options here. Although, well known and pretty crowded. We hadfo squeeze in between a couple of bice rv campers who accepted us. Not the most comfy campsite unless you RV.

Windy primitive beach camping

This place is pretty sweet if you're visiting Lake Powell. The camping is primitive so just drive onto the beach and park and set up where you want. The RVs can be pretty loud and block the view of the lake which sucks. The wind is pretty strong and you will get sand in your tent!

Lone Rock Beach

I thought this campground was a pretty unique find. The closest town is Page, AZ. There's a pretty cool dam nearby, there's Horsehoe Bend and I hear Lake Powell itself is great for Kayaking, but we didn't get to enjoy that. This campsite is interesting because there are no designated spots. You just drive out anywhere on the beach and camp. Plenty of toilets scattered around the beach, no showers. We came on a windy night and tent camped, so we woke up covered in sand. Other downside is that apparently it is a spot for locals to come party. Be careful where you park. The sand moves and you can get stuck. But it was pretty amazing sleeping right on a beach.

Spectacular view, easily accessible

Stayed 3 nights in a row in Mid October 2016. Really enjoyed the beach camping. With incredibly easy access to Wahweap bay. The moon was so bright at night that we didn't even need headlamps to go to the toilets. $14 per night(need a one time $35 pass to Glen Canyon National Recreation area.) It was not too crowded in Mid October. On Saturday and Sunday there was a line of RVs and Campers along the waters edge. And then a few of us forced to camp back from the water(200ft) near the dunes(closer to the toilets). And then on Sunday night most of the crowd cleared out and we move our tent up to the "front row".

(The cons list looks longer, but the pros far outweigh) Pros: right on the shore of Wahweap bay. Amazing views day and night. Cheap fees considering the fancy microflush toilets.

Cons: Camping on a sandy beach can cause some issues, especially if winds pick up. I assume it's really crowded in the summer. This part of lake Powell features mostly grey colored rocks, if you are hopin to see the signature red rocks of lake Powell, you will likely need a powered watercraft. (We spent an entire afternoon paddleboarding, and couldn't even reach the far end of Wahweap bay.

Beach & canyon primitive camping

Kayak through the canyon, a perfect way to experience UT. Drive around the dunes and find your own site for camping, but there are toilet facilities to make it similar to a standard state park campground. They don’t take reservations so come early in the day. There are other more developed campsite options in the park (some do take reservations). If it’s windy the sand can be a problem, but that’s just how Utah is. There’s so much more to do in the area too and the sunrises & sunsets are memorable.