Reviewed Jul. 8, 2021

Interesting to say the least

We stayed here September 2020.

Boy was this place interesting. The tent sites were just tiny plots of land, no fire ring or picnic table and you had to fit your car into the same space as your tent. The neighboring tent was very close to us.

The bathroom is a stand-alone outdoor building. It was covered in moths, like 50+ moths. Whenever you entered with a light they would wake up and start fluttering all over the place, especially going toward your flashlight so it was quite terrifying.

When we asked about showers the owner told us that we could use the restroom inside. We were heading toward the indoor restroom (for which you have to enter the house and walk through the laundry room), and another woman stopped us and told us that it wasn’t available for campers. We explained that the male who welcomed us told us we could, so then she was okay with us going in. Odd. The restroom is small and very dirty considering it is a house bathroom. We were too sketched out to shower so we only used the sink to brush our teeth and avoid the moth-filled outdoor bathroom.

There was some kind of covered patio with lights where people were hootin and hollering as the sun was setting. So not really a quiet place.

The place seemed like a hippie meetup and just wasn’t our vibe.

  • weird junk next to our tent site
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