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Gunsight Lake Campground is located in Glacier National Park in Montana
48.6235 N
-113.726 W
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3 Reviews of Gunsight Lake Campground
One of my favorite places in the world

Gunsight Lake is simply beautiful.

It's a decent trek out to the lake, beginning with a quick descent, but it mellows out in the valley as you hike back in. Hike tip: don't skip the turnoffs for the various waterfalls. They're beautiful and worth it. Also, try to go during beargrass season—you won't be disappointed.

The campground at the lake is peaceful, quiet, and wonderfully community-oriented in the cooking area. I spent an hour or so chatting with other backpackers before sitting myself down at the foot of the lake until the sun went down.

In the summer, mosquitos can be pretty heavy, so a net is needed, otherwise expect a lot of swatting and itching. Set your tent up as fast as you can to keep those suckers out.

I did see a grizzly bear on the trail to the lake, so always hike in groups and make noise!

Great basecamp

One of the larger BC campgrounds, it makes for a great basecamp for a 2-night stay before moving on. Decent views to gunsight pass, mount Jackson and the Jackson glacier. Jackson glacier is a side trail the other side of the lake, or an attempt at the 10,000 mountain. Deer can be pests here! From going to the sun, Jackson glacier overlook it is a very easy backpack to the campground with little elevation gain.

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Wonderful spot.

Hiked from Lake McDonald to Gunsight Lake in the September of 2016. Campsite is conveniently located just Northeast of the lake, about 7 miles away from the closest road. The hike in and out from the lake is surrounded by beautiful views. Walking out to the lake early in the morning provides a surreal experience with the water being so still.