Reviewed Dec. 8, 2020

Beautiful Texas Campsite

It was my first time camping in maybe 15 years. I wanted to pick a campsite that was affordable, not too far of a drive, and seemed primitive enough to feel like camping, while still having amenities like a bathroom and water, if need be.

This had it all. It’s at the head of a trail, just near the river. If you want, you can easily walk down to the river and hike along it. The campsites are spacious, easily allowing our 2 tent set up, but if set up well, they could potentially house 3-4 2-person tents.

The scenery was beautiful. It was Texas, in December, so things were dry and brown and yellow. But there was a serenity to it. At night, the stars were out. The light from nearby Georgetown and Austin didn’t allow for us to see them all, but they were there. The coyotes come out at night, but never got close to camp.

A camp guide caught up to us at about 5pm, and warned us of the coyotes and told us about the water spigot at the front. The walk to our campsite wasn’t far from parking, maybe about 150 feet, maybe a bit more.

There were fire rings at each campsite, and a post that had the number and a hanger for a lantern.

All in all, we had a great time. It made me love camping again. I will certainly be back soon.

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