Robyn W.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Aug. 7, 2021

Scenic 360 Views of the Hill Country

30 minutes out from downtown Fredericksburg for those not doing overnight stay. Prior to enter park there are many flashing signs stating you must have a reservation before entry. When entering park you can stay all day but come at designated entry time. Due to the popularity of the park and time of entry you could be required to park further away. The map is great reference to type of hiking/trails available but also to consider the weather because there is minimum to protect your from the elements. Also, if hiking in the summer I would be cautious hiking midday. I made back down before it hit 90 degrees but even going down I was using my water back. I saw several with toddlers go up part the summit but did not finish the hike. One person was not successful with their child in a hiking backpacks due to steepness of area and heat. If you are a expert hiker with children this is for you I consider this too difficult for toddlers without several breaks. The top really does have stunning views with cooler on this at the top with nice breezes.

Two things I liked:

  1. The map is spot on and they have several warnings about considering hiking the summit.

  2. The views are breath taking in beauty and exercise.

One thing I didn’t love:

  1. It was really crowded in the more rocky areas which for short bit make it a potential ankle twister.
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