Brittany S.
Reviewed Aug. 30, 2018

*See Reynolds Creek in Speegleville

This park is located out in boonies and can be pretty difficult to find. Most people think they are lost trying to get to it, but if you follow North Speegleville road through all the cornfields you will eventually stumble upon it. Believe me, you're not going the wrong way.

Being lakefront property you would expect to see more water, however there is a lot of brush grown up around the lake and sites so it is hard to see. There are also limited places to get down to the water in the park.

There is a nice boat ramp and dock for fishing. It is also pet friendly and equestrian friendly. There is a nice little 1 mile hike were you can bird watch and view the lake Waco, it is very shaded and flat. Then there is a 20 mile hike/ equestrian trail that goes around Lacey point.

Bathrooms and showers need some work, but they do the job. There is no store at the campground, but there is a dollar general located in Speegleville about 4 minutes away. There are picnic tables at ever site along with a fire pit, and also a playground for kids.

The whole park is very secluded and away from street noise which is so lovely. Perfect place for viewing the stars over the water and listening to nature speak around you!

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