Reviewed Mar. 30, 2021

Cool Forest, Not Really a Campground

This area was filled with people and their ATVs. There is one long road that has a few pulloffs along the way until you hit the end which is the Nueces river. There are 3-4 very small camping spots next to each other, and one of them seemed to have a permanent resident with an establishment that took days to build. Obviously I did not want to camp next to people, especially looking right at their tent and campsite. I can see the road having issues when the rainy season arrives for smaller vehicles, but it is manageable. The forest is nice but does not have enough trails. There is a firebreak you can follow but that's about it, or ATV roads. Supposedly a hunting area so be careful if you are trying to do dispersed camping. Overall I stayed here for a few hours and realized it wasn't worth camping at and moved on to a better location an hour away.

The place was very busy, even for a Saturday.

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