Salt Lick Creek
Reviewed Apr. 25, 2021

Off the beaten path

I stayed here three nights in my RV. Also, this was my first ever camping trip in my RV or any RV.

As others have said, no cell for the most part. I have Verizon and I was able to send and receive messages for the most part.

The bathrooms and showers were clean, as well as the entire area.

To take full advantage of the area, have a boat, kayak or some form of water craft/fishing gear. If not you find yourself with nothing to do like me. If there were bike trails I couldn't find them. I think they start at Defeated campsite or something. If I go back, I will have some form of watercraft.

Of, it gets chilly up there to. The day I got there it was 70, rain came in and temperature dropped to the 30s. In late April.

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