Reviewed Jul. 14, 2020

No Flat Spots...Not a One

Not sure the previous reviewer actually stayed at this campsite or not, but there are no flat spots at all. There are only two spots where you can even think about anything larger than a one person tent. The only spot that’s remotely close to being flat is a spot steps from the trail and pushed up against very tall vegetation. It’s very much sloped (I constantly slide down my pad all night) and narrow. They sell ten permits I think...I assure you there isn’t room for more than 6-8 people at best in this hillside.

The setting is outstanding however if you can deal with the lack of camping spots and get over that. What a beautiful evening as the final rays of sun shown through the tree leaves and into the valley around you. You sit about half up the valley overlooking a beautiful creek. As darkness hits you will be surrounding by a million fire flys. It’s a great spot, but you’ll be uncomfortable for sure.

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