Honey Hill Recreation Area
Robert G.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Mar. 14, 2021

Birds aplenty

Lots of birdsong. Mostly peaceful and quiet. An old Vietnam vet named Jim stopped by to give us some sweet potatoes and fill us in on the local history. He also told us that Elmwood is a better choice if we ever make it back this way. He said that since this campground is not serviced by the Rangers, there have been cases where people have had items stolen when their site was unattended. Jim told us that it was around this site that General Francis Marion gathered his forces to fight the British in a decisive revolutionary war battle. He said they mainly subsisted on the sweet potatoes grown here. He told us that it was only about 5 miles southeast of here that the church burning recreated in the movie The Patriot took place. Old Washington road I think he said and you can still visit it. Jim is not the only friendly local ambassador we met. When I was struggling with a big log I wanted for firewood, a man on property to the west saw how hard it was for me to split a big log and brought a couple of nights worth of cut wood over in his very old jeep. My biggest disappointment here was the pit toilet. It seems they could do better with that or maybe just stock some cleaning supplies there.