Bjorn S.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 27, 2020

Variety Pack

Sunset Bay not only has a lot of different things to do, but the space to do it in.  There are well-designated spaces within the park to gut fish and look stuff up in an interpretive center, and beaches, picnic areas, sand volleyball courts and hikes just outside.  We biked in and didn't miss a beat.  Bring your drone.  The only issue is that you feel a bit packed in at the sites.  There are a few out-of-the-way spots, but in most, you might be negotiating with your neighbor as to where the borders lie.  This place was built before giant SUVs came around.  And everything's right by the campground roads.  So - it's hard to gauge how respectful your neighbors are on a night-by-night basis and how much the in-park stuff gets overrun by crowds.  That said, the large vistas and deep green ('make your trees look like happy trees') will ensure that you'll have a good time.

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