Reviewed Sep. 9, 2021

Off grid oasis

This was my first time at Cedar Creek. We have a great time and there was only 1 other campsite with occupants. Here’s a pros and cons list to make it easy for you. PRO’S -remote, heavy forest nearby, beautiful landscape -every site on the North side of the campground has a trail down to the river. Site 7 has concrete steps to the river. -fire pit and picnic table at every site. -quiet campground (but only 2 sites occupied while we were there). -miles of hiking trail at the start of the campsite. The park is divided into a day use site/trail head access and the other side is camping. -river is about 25 ft from the campground. -cool waterfall a few minutes walk up the trail.

CONS -No water or electricity. (This is actually a pro in my opinion) -south facing sites are 20 ft from the forest service road. If there’s any traffic you’ll hear it.

  • if this campground was fully occupied I’m sure it would feel cramped.

We loved our stay here and will be back again for sure.

  • pot toilets  2 in camp  1 for camp 1 for day use area
  • entrance sign
  • camp info
  • our campsite
  • brodge leading to trailhead
  • beatiful seimmong hole
  • cool waterfall
  • canpgrubd map
  • trail from site 3 to the river
  • the amenities

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