Woodgrove Campground - PERMANENTLY CLOSED
KThe Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Aug. 3, 2020

Ghost camp site

This camp ground is still listed in several locations on the internet and their printed maps. We did look for this site several times. The red and white signs with arrows still reference this camp ground. Ignore them. If you go into town (McConnelsville) and go to the AEP office which is currently closed to the public due to covid19 you will see a notice on their door. This particular campground was sold and possibly dismantled. I was happy to see this notice after our adventure as it confirmed our suspicions.

Check out the Opera house in Mcconnelsville https://www.operahouseinc.com/ neat way that the town is reusing the old Opera house. The history is quite interesting so make sure you take the time to check it out. 

Also, near the AEP office is a brewery that is new in town. You will want to check it out as we had a great time visiting. We ate outside due to COVID-19. They had plenty of picnic tables.  It was interesting we didn't fully understand their process. You could get some limited food options from them. Then you could order in other food venues to drop off food at the brewery for you. Then it seemed like they also had a pizza set up outside of the brewery. 

We also explored the Wharf in town. This is a small community park that has bathrooms, picnic tables, and two boat ramps. http://www.mchnews.com/news/mcconnelsville-s-wharf-park-welcomes-local-and-visiting-boaters-with-new-dock/article\_47ce7077-69a7-5454-9070-4d984002e9fd.html

We had fun watching the boats go by and then we drove across the bridge to the other little town. Lots of old river houses.  

This was a great little town to visit. We didn't get into the AEP office but we are very glad that we stopped here.

  • AEP Office
  • Near by Wharf Park for boaters
  • Picnic shelter at ramp. Great spot to sit and eat after boating.
  • 2nd Ramp next to the wooden dock
  • Local Kroger to get supplies not far from AEP lands.
  • Make sure to cross the river and explore the other small town.
  • Check out the cool events at this site. They can always use the support.
  • Brewery within walking distance of the AEP office. We parked here as parking by the Opera house takes meters (coins).
  • Group Event part of the brewery
  • Another local food option that you could have brought to  you.
  • It was unusual you would order in food from other local venues.
  • Outside picnic tables