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Reviewed Aug. 26, 2020

Tucked away and hard to see but awesome

Campsite number 3 is also on a short creek crossing. Nothing to worry about with your pack on this August sunny day. It had plenty of space for tents and hammocks. It was close enough to hang out by the creek if you wanted. 

No cell phone service for Verizon. On this post for the Park and Pack I focused on the forest postings.  Do register before you do the long walk out here (depends on which way you do the loop). 

You don't want to do illegal camping at the Park and Pack sites as they do keep an eye out for it. They also want folks to call it in to discourage bad behaviors.  I spoke to such a guy in the Park and Pack parking lot as illegal campers had taken up a spot for another park and pack camper that did register. 

It is nice no official check in and check out time like you have at the state park campsites. However, the early bird does get the worm or in this case the camp site. It is harder for folks that live further away to get their hands on a site. As there are only 10.  

The ranger office is closed at this time. Make sure you go to the Mohican Memorial Forest office and not the Mohican State Park office. They are located close to the covered bridge in the park.  I use the GPS address Co Rd 939, Perrysville Ohio to locate the ranger office.  That being said going here you can register and see where everyone is going by looking at the clip board. 

As always keep the local numbers handy and take photos of the map. They do have a few at the trail head kiosk but no maps were at the registration kiosk.

  • Make sure you take photos of the maps to help you and download the bridle trails (3) so you aren't caught off guard.
  • We never did see a ranger in person while we were camping and the office was closed due to COVID-19.
  • Here are the other free camp sites in Ohio if you look closely.
  • As always important info.
  • Nice brief description of each campsite.  Watch out for the campsite description of number 4 as that one led us astray.
  • Notice the Fall restrictions for burning at the Park and Pack campsites.
  • Notice the rules so we can continue to camp here.
  • Registration card. You don't keep one in the car or on you. Simply put it in the box at the kiosk. It would be nice if the top part was for you and the bottom part was for them but that isn't the case.
  • Pack it in and Pack it Out (Leave No Trace) folks were doing a good job of this in August 2020
  • Fire dangers are real even in Ohio
  • Registration kiosk which is next to the ranger forest office.
SiteCampsite Park and Pack 3

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