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About AEP Windy Hill at 10795 North Street Route 83 McConnelsville, Ohio 43756
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AEP Windy Hill at 10795 North Street Route 83 McConnelsville, Ohio 43756 is located in Ohio
39.6091 N
-81.6535 W
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2 Reviews of AEP Windy Hill at 10795 North Street Route 83 McConnelsville, Ohio 43756
Side of the road and open space

This campsite area is off the highway and in an area that resembles a good emergency stopping area for picnic or bite to eat or check your maps about plans for the day. You're Oroville gonna be more comfortable If you have a camper van or set up in your car for sleeping. It would have potential for a lot of traffic noise. There is a view of valley below but not what I consider relaxing or how you may want to spend a couple days off at.

Quick in and out (Campsite E on paper map) on one version of the map

Watch the GPS coordinates as I had a hard time seeing on the map. It is off highway 83 and easy to see. Go by the address that I put in the title. It would help if we could enter the address and get us closer to the area. 

This campsite doesn't appear to look like a campsite at all.  No camp fire rings. It feels more like an old school rest stop. It has plenty of picnic tables and they focus on that when you look at the map legend. 

I would recommend to continue onto other AEP campsites. This is right next to an AEP building which appears as the i for information on the paper map. It is windy here which makes sense as it is the "Windy Hill" campsite. They didn't have a sign up to identify it as Windy Hill campsite. The other AEP sites had better signage.  This can be a good open spot to meet up with your friends if you are all coming from different locations or as a rally point if needed. 

The main road (Route 83) and a busy for out here intersection. If you are doing a cross country drive trip. Plan to camp in your SUV or Van this might be the spot for you. You can grab a copy of the AEP camping maps and permits here. 

For me it felt too open and close to the main road. I wouldn't have felt like I was camping and at ease as a solo camper. Too easy to spot me. I will say the view here is awesome. So do stop and enjoy it. I would then continue onto other campsites that are more tucked away. 

This spot did have a bathroom. It had a water pump. Which makes it a great pull in for car campers. 

Cell phone signal - It is limited out here. I was able to get a signal from Verizon. Other cell phone carriers had almost no signal the whole time. My friends and I relied heavily on paper maps, GPS pre-downloaded, and we just explored. 

Don't forget you can print the permit from the AEP as I like to have one just in case. website