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Ranger Review: Stream2Sea at Big Twin Lake Campground

Winthrop is an interesting place for campgrounds.  I did a bit of driving around and exploring my options, of which there were a few, before settling on this site.

Campground Review:

Big Twin Lake Campground is located 3 miles south of Winthrop, which makes it feel a little out of the way, in a good way.  They have both tent and RV sites.  The camp host made a variety of helpful suggestions for spots to camp, both in the traditional tent spots and further out in the 90 acres they have. 

The tent and RV campsites are mostly close together, under a spread out stand of trees, all with lake views.  There are 'orchard' spots available as well, which have more space between them. We settled on a spot at the end of the tent sites, before it turns into the orchard.  So one side of us did not have other campers, which was nice.  There is little to no privacy between the tent sites, but it ended up not being an issue the night we stayed.  The spot had a nice fire pit (but there was a burn ban, so no fire for us) and a picnic table set up.

The campground offered paddle boats, fishing, and I understood there was swimming available, though we did not utilize these items.  I did buy ice from the campground at a decent price.  They have toilets for use at both ends of the campground and a pay shower at the larger bathrooms. All in all, it was a decent stay.

Product Review: As a Ranger for the Dyrt, from time to time I get to test products. At Big Twin Lake Campground, I tested a variety of the Stream2Sea Products.

Prior to staying at Big Twin Lake, I had been camping and hiking in the summer sun, so I had plenty of time to test their products.  I tried their Standard Sunscreen, Tinted, Chap-stick with sunscreen, Shampoo/Body wash, and Leave in Conditioner and the Body Lotion.

Here is what I have discovered: 

1) These products seriously work.  I was using the Stream2Sea sunscreen while my hiking/camping buddy was using a different sunscreen. I was surprised that the Stream2Sea worked better - he got burned, but I did not. 

2) The sunscreen kept me cooler while in the blazing sun. 

3) The Shampoo/body wash works great as a way to clean dirt off yourself if no showers are nearby.

4) The sunscreen/chap-stick does not taste like sunscreen. 

5) The non-tinted sunscreen goes on white and, honestly, tends to stay that way.  I was completely fine with that as I'd rather be pasty and my skin healthy.  

6) I love the way the body lotion feels, it does seems to be very hydrating. 

7) Stream2Sea is coral safe, which I didn't get to test but love about them and they are biodegradable.  A company that cares about the environment and makes products that seriously work - that makes them all-stars in my book.

A Campground for the Very Lucky

The Snow Lake Zone is one of the permitted camping areas in the Enchantments. Permits  here  are very hard to get via the lottery (but easier to get than a permit for the Core Zone). You can also camp in the Snow Zone if you have a Core permit.

Snow Lakes is amazing. It's about 8 miles backpacking in from the Snow Lake Trailhead. It's at elevation, but not as cold as the Core Zone.

There is a backcountry toilet at Snow Lake (no walls, just a toilet),  but no other amenities.  There is water everywhere in the Enchantments, if you have a filter, you're never more than steps away from an alpine fresh water bottle refill. 

I used my 15 degree sleeping bag end of July (I'm a cold sleeper and the temps were about 30)

There are no fires allowed.

The best camping place we found  was a little spit at the far end of  the lake (almost all the way to the end that is closest to the core zone)

Great park!

My husband and I stayed in the north campground and absolutely loved it. Sights were not too terribly close. Quick walk down to the water. Lake is absolutely beautiful. South campground had a store with hot food and ice cream (we didn’t try anything) as well as basic supplies. Only about a 20 minute drive from Leavenworth.

Absolutely beautiful!

I was so caught up in the beauty here, I didn't get a lot of pictures. This was my favorite place on the Mountain Loop Highway. It's a medium size camp ground, standard picnic table and fire pit at each site. As with many places on this loop,you must bring your own water. There is no drinking water. There is trash collection and vault toilets as well. I loved how peaceful this place was. The river was beautiful. I was able to relax and read my book. It was amazing! Highly recommend!

Beautiful area far removed from Cities

Its a rough road to get here. Must travel about 12-15 miles on dirt road that has sections that are all potholes. Though I did see a few others with regular sedan cars, I would recommend using a truck, at the very least make sure the car as good clearance. 

Outside of that the area is wonderful. 

Many trail heads around for hiking, nice creeks and a river near by. You know you're on the mountain and away from the cities. 

This particular site has no potable water available, got to pack your own in. 

We lucked out on weather, remained dry. But was mostly overcast, not a problem either. Kept it cool around low/mid 70's 

Oh and no cell service that I could get up there. Other providers may have better luck. Not a big deal if your going up there to disconnect.

single camp site is 18 and 36 for a double site. There were quite a few folks around, but still it was quiet. I'm sure the rushing sound of the creek may have covered the sounds of other humans.

Shame on me, never again!

Absolutely horrible experience. Price is gouging, most expensive camp for very little,$70 got us water and power with a small site. Brutally slow wifi. Hot tub’s heater and jets don’t work. To top it off, a kid shit in the pool which caused the staff to close it for the night at 6pm. It’s 95 degrees out and the only reason we considered this over priced joke of a campground was for the use of it’s pool and hot tub, both of which are grossly inadequate. Extremely loud, busy, lots of unsupervised screaming kids running around and crying babies in the middle of the night. Tightly crammed spaces. Save your money, time, and sanity by seeking accommodations else where.

Great Campsite

Stayed at Klipchuck Campsite on 8/23. Very quiet and clean. Early Winters and Driveway Butte hiking trails are at or near the Campsite. There is also a path to the creek, which is clear and clean,, and peaceful to listen to from your Campsite. On a clear night, which we had, The stars were AMAZING. Will stay again when in the North Cascades

Beautiful Place!

My wife and I attempted to drive a 1977 motor home over Steven's Pass, and ended up stranded here for almost a month while it was repaired. Best place I've ever broken down by far. It is SO gorgeous here, especially for being within walking distance to groceries and such. So many days waking up with wildlife in our space. They have quite a few well maintained trails in the area for hiking and exploring, and then of course there's the river down toward the bottom of the camp. I would live here if they'd let me :)

Way too crowded

A pretty lake. The campground felt more like an outdoor hotel. The beach get ridiculously crowded. There is a handy little store that sells everything you might need. Even ice cream.

Needs a weed whacker

My family and I stayed in D10, the camp site needed a weed whacker and pokeberriers needed pulled. I don't think anyone ever stayed at that site for awhile.

Not recommended

Great day park, not so great for camping. We stayed in spot 5 in loop 1, or the woods campground. There was a capped pipe that appeared to be waste water dump but was not. When we asked the park attendants why it wasn’t labeled or locked they had no answers. We ended up with an ant infestation in our camper and we camp very clean. It’s very barren and hot. The good was the camp was quiet and the sandy swim beach was nice, but only during the week. It was packed on the weekend.

Fav campground

Beautiful views anywhere you look. Not a short drive by any means to get there but worth the trouble. Family camped in spot number 1 which is a walk-in. Def recommend this one. It’s conveniently close to a pit toilet and has a view of the water. Situated far enough from other sites to feel like seclusion.


Upper Johnny Creek isn’t by the water in most spots. There are many mature trees and the site was well maintained. We went in August and there were a lot of flies and wasps

Duped! Site 18? Awful!

View from Eightmile Campground spot 18 was awful! Wish I could post pics. We were between the two host sites, in a site intended for a co-host….looking at the back of one host camper and two sheds, complete with septic pumping into the ground and essentially a junkyard on the one side of us, electrical cord running through our site overhead. It was a"lovely" view from the fire pit. Not sure how they think it's okay to make threat a reservable spot without seeing it first! Was not the out of doors experience we were after. Whatever you do don't pay over$100 for 2 nights for spot 18. We ended up going up to upper Johnny Creek instead…and paying again.--August 12, 2019

Primitive campsite

If you like mosquitoes and a tranquil setting with the occasional car driving through, then this is the place for you. I was in the area and decided to check this place out since it was grayed out on the map, the road in is not bad at all and I saw a few sedans and mini vans driving on it, that road is NFD road 68 and it takes you to necklace valley trail and to the West fork foss lake trail. When you come up to a fork you’ll want to stay to the right, the left side is NFD road 6830 and that takes you up the mountain to the Tonga ridge trail. The campsite has no table and no restroom, the river is a several feet from camp, you can drive into it (perfect for rooftop tents) I’d say it can accommodate around 5 tents. The mosquitoes are horrible!! We were going to setup camp but that drove us away. I like how secluded it is and would’ve given it 5 stars just for that but the mosquitoes killed the vibe. I can’t say this enough, but LEAVE NO TRACE BEHIND there is no trash can or restrooms at the site, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TRASH!! PACK IT OUT Take biodegradable toilet paper so it can break down and relieve yourselves at a minimum of 200 feet from the river.

Again, no space...on a Thursday night lol

I decided to checkout the campground and was impressed at how nice it was, it’s clean, campsites are decently spaced out and the restrooms were clean. The host is friendly and there’s wood for sale at $7 a bundle. You can reserve or try to snag one up on a first come basis. There’s a few spots for rooftop tent setups but they’re limited. Again, I ended up parking along the road next to a creek due to no availability and it was perfect.

Beckler river road campsites

I headed to this campground with the intention of grabbing a site, it was around 3pm on a Saturday so I figured I was out of luck and continued on down the road to look for a spot to camp next to the river, since I have a rooftop tent the space didn’t really matter. The drive alone was scenic, you could hear the river flowing. I took first entrance leading towards the river and sure enough there were people already camping (free might I add) of course it’s very primitive since there are no tables or restrooms (remember, 200 ft min from the river if you want to relieve yourself. Use biodegradable tp to keep it environmentally friendly). Roads are sedan friendly btw. I continued on and found many nice looking sites right next to the river but they were all taken, I mean…3pm on a Saturday? Lol. I headed back towards the campground and made one last attempt at the first turn off and landed a site, not super close to the river but it worked out. I’m pretty sure the campground is great and maybe I’ll check it out one day, but for now with a rooftop tent any spot can be turned into a campsite.

Leave to trace behind Pack it in pack it out


We were surprisingly pleased with this campground. Our site was was a tent site only. The sites are spread out and do offer a little privacy. The sites have a picnic table, fire pit and a bear box. The restrooms a bit dated and you could defiantly tell they need to be updated. Diablo lake is beautiful and plenty of hiking trails to keep you busy. We will be back.

Nice place if a little busy

Straddles the creek with 17 campsites on one side and 4 on the other.  Some are very spacious.  If you get one by the creek be prepared that there will be a lot of people passing by.  There's a nice swim area in the creek though the water is icy.  A loop trail heads downstream on either side of the creek which makes for a lot of day traffic coming through the middle of the site.  It's a nice, easy walk.  There are several trails of varying difficulty not far.  Plenty of vault toilets and water available each side of the creek.

Clean camp, hot showers

Pro: Great campground for convenience. Walkable to main town strip. Hot showers. Toilet paper stocked

Cons: Hours of pool/hot tub are narrow. Cost is a little high for a tent site.

Ranger Review: Wenzel Double Never Flat Fabric Airpad at Lake Wenatchee

Campground Review:

While the lake and amenities were amazing (boat and paddle board rentals all day!) The camping itself wasn't our favorite. The sites didn't offer much privacy and had paths (to the bathrooms) right through many sites. We arrived on a Sunday and left on a Monday so it wasn't too crowded, with many open spots so the privacy didn't bother us too much. This is a family campground for sure, but we'd honestly consider going back just for the Lake and the views! 


Product Review:

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get products to test from time to time- today I am testing the Wenzel Double Never Flat Fabric Air Pad ( Honestly, we're HUGE fans! I'm plus sized and my fiance is quite tall and we fit on the pad, had the best camping sleep of our lives, and the pad didn't deflate! A little bouncing didn't effect it either ( ;) ). I'd recommend this bad boy to anyone! We really loved it and will definitely be purchasing other Wenzel products!

Typical state park

Nicely maintained and convenient. On the Columbia river with boat launch and swimming area. Multiple play grounds. Tennis and basketball courts. Lots of own space. Bathrooms and showers.

Gorgeous camping in the Mt Baker National Forest

The Clear Creek campground is off the Mountain loop Rd in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. Clear Creek is only ten minutes or so from Darrington WA. Only 13 campsites with tent pads, picnic tables, and fire rings. Vault toilets were also available. Firewood is not available on site, but local residents have firewood for sale at the roadside. The creek and the Sauk river are absolutely beautiful. There is so much wildlife in the area, keep an eye out, I think I saw a wolverine by the creek, couldn't get my camera ready in time,

Awesome campground in the beautiful Mount Baker National Forest

The Red Bridge campground is on the very scenic Mountain loop Rd in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. It's a very beautiful drive. Nestled in some great trees, there are 13 sites with shade, right along the river. The camp host was very nice and sold firewood on site. There are no hook ups, and no water spigots so be sure to plan accordingly. There are bear proof trash cans and vault toilets available. Each site has a tent pad, picnic table and fire ring. This campground provides ample hiking, fishing and I saw people kayaking plus its not far to a hike to some glacier caves! Also check out the old red trestle bridge just outside of the campground. At $15 a night you have to see this place. 
I highly recommend Red Bridge campground.

Shaded campground on Mountain Loop Road

The Bedal Campground is off the mountain loop highway in the Mount Baker- Snoqualmie National Forest. Settled in some old Growth forest it provides a good amount of shade to most sites. There are around 20 sites and some are reservable, the sites run about $15 a night, All campsites include tent pads, picnic tables and fire rings. There are Bear proof trash cans, recycling, and spigots near by each site, The sign said there was a boat launch, but it was next to a trail that led to the river. I expect a canoe is the largest boat you would be able to launch. I have to mention the crazy amount of small waterfalls/cascades on the way in. this place is surrounded by some of the nicest forest I have seen.

Pleasant surroundings with water activities

Bridgeport State Park is on the upper reaches of the Columbia River across from the town of Bridgeport.  In the summer, it can be hot, and crowded with campers enjoying the river: boating, fishing, swimming, and just relaxing.  It's great in the off season; in fact, March 28 there were only two other units in the campground!

Group Campground with toddlers

Reserved the group campground for myself and another dad with our kids. The group campground was wonderfully remote from the main site and well kept when we arrived. Plenty of room for multiple groups to have their own space while still being connected. Easy walk down to the river with a small beach area in the single site campgrounds. Only thing I wished I changed was to bring a larger water jug as the water tap is at the entrance to the campgrounds and pretty far from the group site. Already planning a visit with more families for next year.

Great for early backpackers

I first went on this hike when I was in my early teens. Been back several times since. It’s a really great area with a reasonable hike-in. The lake is ice cold, which is nice if you’re just finished a hot hike in. There are some areas sort of cleared for camping, that have clearly been used before. You can hike on from Dorothy to another lake further up the trail (Bear Lake if memory serves me). There’s a a rustic open toilet in the bushes, but there’s no privacy. Not news for experienced backpackers, but a shocker if you’re new to it.

Waaaay out there

It’s a ways from anywhere unless you happen to live in the middle of nowhere. It’s a great place for big groups. Get a few sites together and bring your bikes. Many sites are in full sun which is not awesome, but there are some really cool lakeside sites. It’s cool for tow behind tubing, a little morning fishing, daytime swimming in the swim area. If you need a day trip there’s plenty of hiking and the town of Winthrop is pretty cool even though it’s pretty touristy, once we took a day trip horseback riding, too. It’s awesome, totally relaxing and gorgeous. Be advised that it is like all high altitude areas really hot in the day and reallly cold at night. Bring shorts and sweats.

Beautiful spots on icicle river

Great spot get there early for the best spots they fill up fast.