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About Jockeys Ridge State Park
No Alchohol
No Electric Hookups
Pets Allowed
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No Sanitary Dump
No Sewer Hookups
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Jockeys Ridge State Park is located in North Carolina
35.9642 N
-75.633 W
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5 Reviews of Jockeys Ridge State Park
Great Day Use Area

This day use area is amazing for sunrise and sunset, can't beat the beaches here and being able to enjoy the nature along the shoreline. While this is not a camping location it does have many exciting uses for a day trip with the family.

As a State Park, they do offer many nature programs through the Rangers as well as education about conservation and keeping beaches clean. I was very happy to have the opportunity to sit in on one of these programs, Sunset on the Ridge. Typically they do require early registration to these programs however they did allow me in after speaking, so worth it!!

There are also 3 trails here for self guided tours, one being on the boardwalk, very different than the others. The cool waters here offer many water sports or just enjoying the beach itself.

Not a Campground

Like the title says, this isn't a campground. But, this is definitely something to experience if you're ever in the Outer Banks! It's like stepping into another world. Very unique.

Stunning Scenery!

Dunes and desert and beauty!

There is a parking lot, bathrooms and a information area. Then a raised boardwalk. Then DUNES AND UNTOUCHED WILDERNESS to explore as you will. No paths to stay on… no paths at all.. just dirt as far as the eye can see.

So bring flip flops or shoes you can stow and then just explore. Thank you for the locals that fought to keep this area undeveloped and wild.

I took lots of photos with my new go pro but don't jude the photo inspiration of this location by my subpar photos. =)

Photographers: Jockeys Ridge is beautiful at any time of day

We came here on an early summer morning after it had rained the night before. It was foggy and overcast, and the light was beautifully diffused around 8-10 am. The sand was easy to walk on since it was damp, and it the vastness you can capture out there its pretty amazing. around mid-afternoon, the sunlight is great, theres water and small beaches at the edge of the park. The sun can be unforgiving so you should definitely hydrate and sunscreen up. Sunset is wonderful. The park cools down and the sky and sand reflect the orange tones of the sunset. Makes for a great time to picnic and enjoy the parks' scenery.

aesthetics aside, you can hang glide and spend a lot of the day flying kites, or exploring the park. it's quite big considering how its on a strip of the narrow Outer Banks.

First to Review
Very Beautiful!

I would highly recommend checking this area out! If you can, be on top of the dunes at sunset. There will be tons of people there but the park is big enough that it won't matter. You will catch some amazing sunset photos if you take your camera. A very family friendly area and a must stop spot in the OBX!