Geoff W.
Reviewed Jul. 2, 2018

Another great trip

This was my 3rd trip to Stillwater in 3 yrs and it gets better each time!

Our first trip was an overnight to test some backpacking gear, it was September and the weather was perfect! We hiked into our site, not easy because almost everything is meant to be accessed by boat so we were guessing our course! Cooler weather meant no bugs to contend with

Next year we took a canoe to our site, it was July, warm weather, warm water and the bugs were not terrible, we were at Site 1, secluded in a cove, not a lot of traffic but there is a hiking trailhead near the site so there is potential for visitors.

Our latest trip was to site 10, an island site with a large sandy beachfront, we borrowed a motor boat to get there this year and brought plenty of gear for 4 days. Weather was great again, some rain each day but we had time to get setup and get shelters to keep dry.

Camping if free here but it is first come first serve but with 40+ sites you can almost always get something. There is a small store at the boat launch to get provisions if you need, public restrooms and wifi. Very limited cell service.

You should bring water or something to filter it from the reservoir. I believe all the site have privy boxes on them.

There are opportunities for fishing, a few local attractions, a nice restaurant at the launch.

  • Magnificent sunsets, amazing star gazing if the skys are clear
  • Sunrise!
  • These next 5 are from site 1.
This site is accessible by foot, it's a well marked trail, probably 2 miles, one of us hiked, 2 of us brought the gear by canoe.
  • A roomy site, again with a privy
  • I setup another hammock for lounging near the beach
  • Sunset
  • Large beach area
  • My hammock setup
  • one side of the island
  • Some morning fog
  • We had cover from the short bursts of rain
  • We were there for one of the Super Moons
  • 2 hammock dwellers
  • This was the first site I stayed at, lots of room for tents etc and has a privy
  • Morning fog
  • The rest of these are from our trip to Site 10. An Island site, there were reports of bears in the area (it is the ADK mountains after all) and we figured they can't get us on an island!
  • Full moon
  • One tent camper
  • A large site with a few good spots for tents.
I should mention that you should bring water or have suitable filtration with you as the water is not drinkable.
I have a MSR filter system and had no issues
  • looking out from the site
  • Some locals came to visit
  • 5am sunrise!
  • This site has a large beach when the water level is low, it's almost an island at normal levels
SiteSo far I've stayed at sites 1, 10 and 46