Reviewed Aug. 12, 2018

Rustic and beautiful

After meeting up with the owner we went down to the parking area. A dirt trail and park on the side in the grass. You have to walk in about 2 minutes on a trail. The owner has a golf cart with a small wagon and transported our stuff to the campsite and back when we left…he was really nice and very helpful.the trail opened to open grassy areas with surrounding trees where we pitched our tent…a small table and fire ring w grate provided. Also get water back up at the barn but the owner was nice and brought us a 5 gal. Jug. Pond stocked with fish…catch and release. We caught some nice bass and bullhead…kids had a blast. Past the pond is the cabin with sitting spots and an open cement fire stove and oven also a fire pit. Theres an outhouse behind the cabin w a seat over a bucket w chemicals…papertowels tp hand sanitizer and disenfectant wipes nicely provided. We did have cellphone signals. Overall a really nice spot to relax and commune w nature.

  • At the parking area
  • The pond
  • The cabin
  • Cook stove/oven and firepit
  • Outhouse
  • Sign showing the way
  • Raspberries and blackberries
  • Big bullhead