Joel D.
Reviewed Sep. 1, 2021

Screw McConchies

This was by far the worst camping experience I've ever had, and it was for less than 10 hours. I backpack and glamp when the situation calls for it. In this case, I looked for a site close to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center to stay at after a concert. The webpage mentioned having a shuttle from the concert, which only indicates that they were likely accommodating many late-arriving concertgoers. I booked my site and received a call shortly after, notifying me that my site was flooded out, and I would need to be moved to the spill-over area. Not a problem. The call was pleasant, and I couldn't have cared any less. I asked how packed the spill-over was, and it sounded fine, so everything was set. We were just there for a quick tent setup, sleep, and leave in the morning kind of scenario.$30-something for the night? Sounds good! How wrong I was. We arrived a little after midnight, as would be expected considering I was asked if I was booking my site for the concert. I notified the main desk that I was just looking for the spill-over area as my site was said to be flooded, and they ended up giving me another site! Score! We were psyched. Maybe we'd take our time and have a little coffee before we left even! I was given a highlighted map to find our site(#174). We pulled into our site and were met with what appeared to be a long-term camper situation across from us complete with green laser beam lighting, giving the surrounding area the feel of both a cheap nightclub, and being the focus of a green dot laser-sighted kill team. Accompanying the visual display was a loud radio, essentially playing the Home Depot radio playlist. Now, the volume was what my girlfriend and I both saw as inconsiderate given that it was after midnight, but we weren't going to make a stink about it. Give them a chance to realize it's late, the campgrounds have rules, and maybe consider being good people. That was a dumb idea. Not only did they turn it up louder, but then they broke out the karaoke machine and proceeded to scream into the microphone as if we had wronged them, and we deserved to live in hell for whatever amount of time we'd be there. If they weren't intentionally trying to piss us off and this is just who they are as regular people, they are the largest pieces of trash humans I've ever encountered, and I work in NYC. We plugged our ears up, trying to get whatever sleep we could get, planning to leave at 7-8 am anyway. There's no telling what drugs these jackasses were on, and who knows if they had guns. "Just get through the night," we said. At some point, a car pulls up to our site and had its headlights right on our tent, waking me up. The driver claims we had his site, which we didn't. I pointed out that the tag on my dashboard matches the site#. Turns out someone from the main desk even had the courtesy to lead them to the site. They ended up bringing the later arrivers to another site. While they were there, they even said"you know better" to the loud people across the way, who had briefly calmed down. That lasted about 2 minutes after the people from the main desk left. It went right back to the meth head karaoke party after that. It started to rain, the meth party moved inside, but they left the radio on. Good times. We barely sleep. 6 am rolls around, and I hear someone approaching my tent."Hey man, sorry for waking you up, you want a balloon?" the random voice asks. For the folks who don't do drugs, this is a balloon of nitrous oxide(whippits). I thought they were fun when I was in my 20s I guess. I respond with a less-than-kind way of saying I just want to sleep. I am proud of myself for not unzipping the tent and figuring out how to stab someone to death with a balloon. I swear I would have figured it out, but they were so messed up on whatever drug cocktail they had been doing all night, they probably wouldn't have felt it, which would have only killed whatever joy I would have gotten from the experience. They leave. We decide to pack up and leave shortly after. I left them with a few seconds of aggressive metal music blasting from my Jeep for good measure, and we left. I doubt they woke up. I truly hope they didn't... like ever. This was a horrible experience. Even if the main desk was upset with our late arrival(despite knowing and planning for the concert in the area), there's never any call for this kind of behavior. The only thing that would have capped off the whole night perfectly would have been someone sneaking into my tent and slamming a bouquet of poison ivy into my urethra. Do not go to this site unless you need a good deal on meth, nitrous balloons, or if you want to feel what it's like to have the purest hatred fill your heart and lose whatever faith in humanity you may have left. I would ask for a refund, but they probably need the money to pay for whatever addiction they're feeding.


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