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About Malowina

Making Love With Nature MALOWINA FOREST is a magical place of tranquility, wonder and breathtaking beauty where people deepen their love affair with nature and reconnect with their higher selves. Surrounded by the vibrant waters of the Claverack Creek and secluded on eight luscious acres in New York's Hudson Valley, MALOWINA is a lovingly peaceful environment where guests unplug from the modern digital world and immerse themselves in the serene harmonies of nature where the only distraction is the calming pulse of their heart's resting beat. MALOWINA is a place to sleep and swim, to write and read, to stretch and sketch, to walk barefooted in the wild, and dance naked in the woods. As a destination for peace and tranquility, it's also a place to do absolutely nothing except unwind. Guests fall asleep to the sound of the running creek at their door step, inspiring rest, relaxation, connectivity and creativity. And if all this nature is just too much for your soul to handle, Hudson is only a 15 min drive away.

Malowina is located in New York
42.1081 N
-73.6792 W
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