Grant M.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 14, 2021

Great location, careful with your site selection.

My friend is a local and recommended this campground for the sunsets. The rain made that difficult to confirm, but we loved the place. It’s the standard weird-ass New York thing where you have a site and you can park wherever the hell you want within it (so foreign to me), but you should spend some time with the map. Site 158 is probably the dopest (we were next door in 159), but there are some others near the lake that would be sweet. The further back from the lake, the more of a camping-in-the-deep-woods vibe. Looks like some folks leave a camper here all summer (can’t imagine spending that much, but it’s probably cheaper than a lake house) and many bring boats. I think if you’ve got a SUP, canoe or kayak, you’re gonna dig this campground in specific and the area in general.


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