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Forested creekside campsite Find yourself nestled in our riparian forest on the banks of a gentle turn on Catskill Creek. Our 15-acre parcel of land slopes from Route 81 down to a private woodland directly situated on this famous waterway. Relax by the babbling riffle and listen to the birds or use the campsite as HQ to the Northern Catskills. While the woods ensure privacy, the neighborhood is what we like to call "centrally isolated." It's a 5-minute drive to the old-school "West Winds" diner, ten minutes to the Milk Run for gas and convenient necessities and fifteen minutes to the town of Greenville and our Greenville Drive-in movie theatre. All guests at our campsite receive complimentary entry to a screening at the drive-in, where you'll enjoy popular retro and indie movies, live music, and craft cocktails. It is also an easy drive to excellent hiking, mountain biking, golf, canoeing, etc. Sunday mornings, there is a wonderful flea market located six miles north in Livingstonville. The possibilities are endless. There is a queen sized bed and mattress in the main tent. A second small tent and inflatable mattress are available upon request. At the top of our property by the entrance, there is a 20' tall hops trellis, which will help identify that you are in the right spot. Feel free to wander the rows and smell the hops when they are in season, but please don't pick them.

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Creekside Zen in Catskills is located in New York
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