Dwight D.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jun. 30, 2021

Good campsite, traveled for better restroom

Campsite is flat, grassy, some rocks to avoid, one tree in center, large fire ring, picnic table, short walk to the pit toilet, short walk to the water spigot that is always running and ice cold, short walk to the blue trail for hiking, nearby lake/stream, somewhat secluded though close to road entrance/exit, 10 minute drive to flush toilets and showers at lake campground, 20 minute drive to main state park and office, hiking trails available there too, firewood available for purchase at office. 

Lots of nature and animal sounds day and night, saw deer, doves, robins, woodpeckers, quail(?), chipmunks, squirrels, skunk(?), and heard frogs. Lots of flying bugs, gnats, moths, flies, mosquitoes, etc. especially at night. 

Good weather, a bit hot and muggy, but the breeze was cool and it didn't rain! I met a couple nice campers and we went hiking at the main park. A very good weekend.

  • my 9'x7'x6'tall tent
  • Picnic table with pit toilet building in the background if you look close
  • drive to the restroom, morning
  • drive back to the campsite, morning
  • drive through outer loop at campground, day
  • drive to the restroom, day
  • drive back to the campsite, day
  • drive to the restroom, night
  • drive back to the campsite, night
  • always running spigot, ice cold!
  • nearby stream and lake
  • giant fire ring
  • single shower and single toilets are a 10 minute drive, hot water
  • birb being a birb, robin?

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