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Reviewed Jul. 19, 2021

Nice campground with good selection of large open and semi-private sites

We only saw the South Shore sites because the North Shore Campground was closed to the public at the time (though I believe it has since reopened.) However, from reviews here it seems the North Shore sites are a lot more densely packed so if that’s a negative for you look at the South Shore first. We arrived late but it seems on weekdays there is plenty of availability, so we were able to reserve a site in advance with no one around us. It turned out our site (41) was one of the smaller, more exposed sites but with no one in the surrounding sites we still felt isolated, which is what we were looking for. However, over the weekends the sites fill up so if some level of isolation and/or privacy is desired, try to arrive early enough to drive around and pick one of the larger and more isolated sites, of which there are plenty. (The office allows in-person reservation changes with a nominal$2 processing fee.)

The sites themselves are very well kept though the fire pits could use a little maintenance or upgrading. We were very satisfied with the condition and selection of sites but the one major drawback, as has been mentioned elsewhere, was the condition of the bathrooms and showers. They were only minimally maintained and cleaned (I hope) and intensely buggy. I don’t blame the staff who were always extremely friendly and helpful – I just think they are severely understaffed. If this makes you uncomfortable, having your own available portable options might help.

As for recreation, the beach was open, but swimming was not allowed since, at this time, they did not have lifeguards during the week. If having playgrounds in the campgrounds appeal to you, note the sites are minimal and were closed during the weeknights we were there. The trails seemed varied, family friendly, and peaceful. If the recreation offerings are important to you, I think the weekends have more options available – but check in advance.

I would love coming back again during the week or a non-peak season weekend if the beach and lake was available and the facilities were a little better cared for. There is a nice selection of well-maintained sites for every type of camper, whether in a group or looking for some solitude. The office staff are very helpful, and my sense is that calling ahead may get you answers to any concerns you may have

  • Site 041
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