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Reviewed Jun. 11, 2020

Level Camping on a Hill Overlooking Vast Mountain Range

FREE and easy to get in and out.  Plus it was level.  This dispersed area is right off the 95 highway right as you come in to town or leave it based on the direction of travel.  You park up on a hill that overlooks a vast mountain range.  The scenery is just gorgeous and the sunsets are beautiful.  We were the only ones parked on the hill most of the time but a few overnighters did stop in.  We stayed on the hill for a week.  It's close to the town of Tonopah which is quaint and includes all the amenities you need.  We dumped our trash at the local Texaco station dumpster.  

You enter this location right before the BLM office.  Entry road is across from the Texaco station.  There are three paths, take the middle or the left.  The one on the right has a large dip you'll want to avoid.

  • View from our windshield looking South.  You park on this very wide dirt road.
  • Sunset after a light rain shower and clouds

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