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Nelson's Landing is located in Nevada
35.707 N
-114.7131 W
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This site we stumbled upon when traveling to Nelson Ghost Town. Along the way we discovered an abandoned mine and thought if we could find something so cool why not see what else was lurking out there to be found. The road dead ends here and you have an option to go downward into the canyon or stay up top at an observation point. Either location you can further hike and enjoy views or even take on some dispersed camping.

We first went to check it out and explored the lower section which had a stone beach and several people enjoying the cold waters. They were not camping but had come out for a campfire at dusk and it inspired us to come back another day and do even more exploring.

This time we took to the upper path and explored the rocky mountainous terrain before uncovering our own private beach to enjoy. We set up there and found old reed to burn for our campfire and settled in.

This place was remote and amazing to just relax and have a moment of meditation and clarity. The beach was wedged between two towering cliffs which sheltered us from discovery by anyone else exploring and gave us privacy to enjoy, although it did also stir some cold winds as the sun hid behind the edge.

This was an untouched paradise with a sandy base perfect for a stay and limited waves so no worry of being swept away in the night.

The only thing we did notice was there were some mountain goat droppings in the area, though we never saw a mountain goat while there. We were completely unbothered by anything in nature which could harm us at this site.


  • Bring plenty of water as there is no water available in this area you will want to come prepared. Though the hike to this particular site was not far for cooking and cleaning up after you need to make sure you are prepared as you will NOT want to leave anything that can attract animals out.
  • Bring your firewood in, there is reed to start the fire but nothing in this area to substantially keep it going throughout the night.