Daniel  B.
Reviewed Aug. 24, 2016

Ranger Review: Xero Umara Z-Trail Sport Sandal at Little Thunder Campground

Campground Review: A great place for beach goers and those that want to take advantage of the huuuge Lake McConaughy for boating and fishing, as most campers have something with them for their aquatic adventures. There's boat load ramps. The campgrounds are large too. 4 stars since ground plots for primitive camping didnt offer much cover. Primitive and electrical hook ups available. There's a combination restroom and shower facility and half of their 42 sites are reservable. There's also a basic jungle gym for kids in the center of the grounds. Within the State Rec Area, this is a good site for access to the lake and if you need the electrical hook ups, and probably the best bet for anyone with kids so bathrooms are close by. Of course, you are steps from beach, so if that's your thing you'd be well served here.

Gear Review: The Xero Umara Z-Trail Sport is designed to be a lightweight performance sandal and I wholeheartedly agree. As a Dyrt Ranger, I get products to test and review in the field, and I've had these on my feet for about 3 weeks now. They're so light you'll forget you're wearing them, and the comfort is hard to ignore. I've done everything in them from hikes in the Rocky Mountains to cruising the urban concrete. Performance: The tread has serious grip. Doing descents on mountain trails in these wont keep your feet from getting dirty, but it will keep them on the ground and not above your head because you slipped. The thin sole allows for you to massage your feet on curved rocks too, so yeah - Bonus. These aren't my first choice running shoes, but barefoot-style runners have totally found their holy grail. I ran along the beach with them in the morning and it was awesome because it felt like I was running on the sand but I knew I was getting better support at the same time.
Fit: I highly recommend using the size guide online. If you're going to be really active (runners and hikers), your feet will swell slightly so give yourself some room to play with. The straps against my skin were great (probably because they use a process where there's no edge seams rubbing against you), easy to adjust, and there's a flexible loop to put any excess strap through so you're not tripping over yourself. Clever design too because your foot sits in a slight footbed well, rather than on top of a total flat piece of material, so your foot is well 'cushioned'. Verdict: Great sandal for around camp and on the trails. I've hesitated about taking a second pair of shoes for use around campgrounds because of the weight it would add to my pack, but not only are these roll-able so it makes packing easy (or lash them to your pack with a caribiner) but now, my second-pair shoes are so light, why wouldn't I? The grip means foraging for firewood or exploring around camp are no concern. My belongings seem to be just as accident prone as myself, and so far they're up to the task. The value with the Xero Umara Z-trail Sport is totally there. Check out the sandals here. Men's and Women's sizes available.

  • View from the nearby beach. Few minutes walk.
  • Boat loading and general public use area, close to the State Recreation Area main entrance.
  • Lake McConaughy
  • View east from Lake McConaughy.
  • An example of a primitive site
  • Combination shower bathroom facility to use
  • An example of a primitive site

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