Camp Comet
Reviewed Jul. 11, 2021

So much to explore! Spectacularly scenic!

The adjacent Hyalite Reservoir is spectacularly scenic. Bring your favorite watercraft or floaty, because you'll want to go out onto the water to explore, taking in the fantastic scenery. A number of formal and informal hiking trails- mostly across the reservoir or a short drive to the trailhead, and a surprise glorious mountain-meadow vista. Even without those activities, this is a special place to camp. Dog-friendly. Only downside was the construction (2020), diverting traffic through the campground and kicking up a lot of dust. Small potatoes, but the only thing keeping the campground experience from perfection.

  • Turn the corner on your hike and discover this vista!
  • Plenty of easy places to put your kayak in.
  • Palisade falls.  On the edge of Mordor, apparently.
  • Grotto of the many area waterfalls.
  • Views from the lake are magical and always changing throughout the day.
  • Great hiking around the lake.
  • So many different views to discover.
  • Comet approved adventures.
  • Bring your water craft to really get the most out of this beautiful lake.

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