Apple Jacks 21
Jana C.
Reviewed Aug. 2, 2021

Bad bad bad

My family of 9 visit eminence Missouri yearly to kayak the river and spend time together. This year we decided to stay at Apple Jacks 21 which is owned along with rivers edge. We booked our reservation far in advance and even called July 10th to confirm our stay and were told by the owner directly that we would be in cabin 2 and would have access to the following: 7 adult 2 kids 1 baby $200 per night for 3 nights 3 queen 2 twins 1 full pull out couch 2 full bath 1 hot tub Free pet stay 3 sandbar 2 slip n slid Petting zoo Restaurant & bar Fire pit Ice cream/ smores/ Popsicles Fun activities for kids. 2 playgrounds

When we arrived, we were told that our cabin was given away to a different family and that they could give us cabin 3 which is smaller. We were unhappy with this, but we agreed to try to stick it out. We got to the cabin and it was too small for our family. It had 2 bedrooms, one bathroom. And one outside public bathroom that was apparently for all of the campers so we had to listen to random campers using the bathroom connected to our cabin all night. The hot tub was completely drained of water and broken. We did not have any wifi, the sandbar was extremely tiny. The workers actually had to take a futon from cabin 4 and bring it into our cabin in the middle of the living room Floor just so we could all fit in it. There wasn’t any slip n slides or any fun activities for my 6 year old niece. She didn’t get to enjoy the entire trip. The petting zoo was just horses. They said they had dog boarding and that was nowhere to be seen.The fire pit didn’t work and the propane was not even hooked up. The restaurant only had one meal and were only open 2-3 hours each day. The bar had 3 bottles of liquor. On the second night, we woke up to the smell of sewer and water draining all over the bathrooms and bedroom. My parents had to step through the water to get out of bed. We called maintenance and they came over to look and said the sewer lines were backed up. Being frustrated, my family and I came to talk to them and Erma got mad and said she was going to call the cops because my brother walked into the office with us even though there was my mom and sister and I in the office already and she didn’t have a problem with that. It’s actually quite pathetic that she already expected our complaints because I’m sure it happens so frequently. I’m sure even if she did call the cops they know she’s full of it because they didn’t show. We will not be staying the 3rd night and we are telling everyone single person not to stay here!! Didn’t even have a fire extinguisher either. We were told by several locals in the area that Erma is not liked by other businesses. We were promised a discount after the first night but Erma was so mad and childish that she wouldn’t even speak to us or even take the key from us. She sent some grown shirtless man to listen to us and he did nothing but stand there and say he wanted to fight my brother. Which is pretty unprofessional for a business. It’s literally impossible to have a civil conversation with her because she tries to start something and then uses it as an excuse to try to just send people away. They all know how terrible it is. They are just chasing money. She charged us for the 3rd night which we didn’t even stay. Biggest fraudulent business in the eminence area. Erma should be ashamed of herself and never have access to a business. Listen to the reviews and locals, they’ll tell you all you need to know about Apple Jacks 21..

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