Matthew G.
Reviewed Jun. 25, 2021

Isle Royale N.P., Windigo, Washington Creek

There is not a lot of info out there on this camp site so I thought I'd fill in some of the gaps.  It is not shown on many maps.  It is on Isle Royale and is about 1/3 of a mile walk from the Windogo area where the Ferry boat lands.  The easiest access to the island is via Ferry which is about $150 round trip from Grand Portage MN.  A sea plane is also available for around $320 RT.  There are no motorized vehicles or bicycles at Windigo and the surrounding area.

Washington Creek is a popular overnight stay for backpackers who are on their way on/way off the island via the ferry as well as a great camp  for people who aren't up to the strenuous activity of backpacking.  Everyone is super-friendly.

There are 15 individual wooded campsites.  5 are tent/hammock sites and 10 have a shelter that is a wood structure about 10' x 16' with a wood floor, 3 wood walls and a forth wall made of screen with a screen door.  Each campsite has a picnic table, but no fire ring as fires are not allowed, only cook stoves.  There are a few pit toilet "privies" (out houses) which all campers are asked to use.  There is one potable water faucet for the campground and another at the Windigo flag pole.  At the time we were there there was some concern about filtering water from inland water sources, but this might have been just a CYA on the part of the park service.

There are 4 group campsites each of which consist of a picnic table and more open space than the individual sites - which might supply enough room for a half dozed tents plus or minus.  There are 2 privies in that area. 

In the nearby Windigo area there is a small store with the basics; Dry and canned food, beer, wine, soda, ice and some souvenirs.  All the basics you would need to survive if you showed up with no food as long as you are not picky.  Looking around there, I actually didn't know there was that many flavors of Romman Noodles. :-). No fresh meat or produce though.  The availability of only 1 kind of potato chips kinda sums it up for me… They do sell a bit of camping gear most notably the iso-butane canisters for cook stoves.  They have a bit of fishing gear too.  The store has an open porch that is a nice place to relax and drink a beer or read a book and mingle with other campers.

There was a nice new but un-opened store building(6/2021) which should boost the appeal, and perhaps the available merchandise.  I heard tell there was to be a few beer taps too (Woo-Hoo!!!) with indoor seating area.  Lots of outside covered and uncovered seating too.

In addition to the store there is a Ranger/visitor center with some interesting displays and is staffed with park personnel who are anxious to provide whatever info you may need.

There at Windigo (again 1/3 mile from the Washington Creek Campground) there is a "bath house".  This has flush toilets and hot/cold sinks, and pay showers and pay laundry facilities.

I heard there were a few rustic cabins there at Windigo for rent however I did not see them myself. 

I'll post some pics to provide further info.

  • Shelter - all 10 are the same.
  • Water view picnic spot.
  • Inside of shelter - nice and dry!
  • Lots of flora and fauna
  • One of the ferry boats at the Windogo Dock.
  • One water spigot is all you need.
  • Beautiful sunsets.
  • Isle Royale trail mileage chart
  • Washingto Creek Campground map.
  • Inside of shelter.
  • Shower/Laundry prices.
  • You have a real good chance of seeing a moose.

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