Melissa M.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Aug. 28, 2021

Double booked our site

Unfortunately I don’t have much to review, we arrived, got our paperwork and headed to our site to find it double booked. With two cranky kids, we went back inside to request a refund. Connor (bar manager) let us know he was not able to refund us. He was very adamant that it was not double booked, after driving down to the site, he said they extended there stay and did not do it right… but there tag said they were leaving the next day, therefore an employee had to write on it. After blaming everyone but taking ownership for the mistake he said he would make them move. They had a camper- tent - EZ up and several toys on the site. We would never want someone to move who intended to stay. We said no please don’t do that just refund us, no problem there are plenty of options near by.

Connor let us know a refund was not happening and he did not have authority to do so. I requested a call from someone above him, at this time he let me know I could call John tomorrow. I let him know he needed to explain the issue to John and have him call me,

John GM was very professional and refund us. I am not writing this to bash the campground I have no idea if we would have liked it but more important how its customer service / the face of your company is so important. Connor blamed me several times for this issue, denying to take responsibility for the double book. I honestly don’t care what happen, just give me my money back. Unfortunately we will never recommend this due to this experience.

When you arrive make sure you have read all the rules prior to paying! There are several rules which aren’t bad, just unique. Just make sure you want to be there.


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