Sarah N.
Reviewed Jul. 5, 2021

Decent Enough FOR RVs ONLY

Bottom line is I think the Tourist Park is good enough for RVers, tent campers might not enjoy themselves. You’ll see why below.

The sites are very oddly sized and shaped; some are massive and some are teensy tiny, and it’s difficult to figure out the boundaries of your site when setting up. For example, I’m almost positive our neighbors ended up putting their tents on our site which was a bit awkward. Be mindful of this when booking.

The campground backs up to what I believe is the public works department for Marquette, so you will likely hear some heavy machinery noise. Again, something to keep in mind when picking your site. It didn’t really bother me in my RV, but it might bother tent campers.

Possibly the thing that bothered me most about the campground is it appears to be run primarily by teenagers and/or college kids. No campground host. We had a few noisy neighbors and the aforementioned neighbors camping on OUR site issue, and I didn’t bother to address them because I knew we’d have no one with any real sway to back us up. There was also no one enforcing arrival times, checkout times, quiet hours, etc. so it can stay loud late into the night and you’re largely relying on your neighbors to behave themselves.

What’s good about the campground is a lot of the sites have abundant shade (but not all! Again, choose carefully), there is a playground (it’s very old and possibly unsafe though), it has great access to trails, there’s a beach, and the bathrooms were impeccably clean.

It’s certainly not what I’d call a great campground, but it does the trick.

  • sites are generally shaded and large but it’s hard to understand the boundaries of the sites
  • entrance to the campground is certainly nice
  • our neighbors apparently had no problem setting their tent up 5’ from our bumper… must have been a rude awakening when we left at 6:30AM!

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