Troy L.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Sep. 11, 2021

Good for a 2-day camp.

Great river trail with a decent amount of campsites. We arrived late Friday and most spots were taken. I’d imagine most spots are scoped out earlier in the evening. A lot of people camping/running/hiking. The east side of the river is more hilly but has an abundance of water spots to fill up. The west side of the river doesn’t have any water spots until about the last mile north at a small bridge. Plenty of firewood to salvage on both sides, albeit some of it was wet. We went in late May and it got down to freezing temps the first night. Hammock was not the best option but always made for a good story to tell your friends. Second night was good. We stayed atop the crest of a hill on the west side down a path. There are designated camp sites with markers but we didn’t opt for making it a point to find one. Any place off the beaten path will do. You will see some spots that people have camped.

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Siteno specific sites.

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